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We are passionate about the science and art of how things are built, and find pleasure in thinking through problems. Our philosophy is one of curiosity and exploration, and marrying the science of physics with the art of creativity. Our approach is to compliment this with efficient and workable problem solving.

Quality is our number one priority

Your project will benefit from our residential structural engineering expertise, ensuring that your building is strong, and safe.

We can also offer services for work that is being planned for historic and listed buildings.

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Keeping your project standards high

You’ve hired an architect to make sure your residential project looks the way you want it to, and will probably invest time and money in more contractors to complete the look. We add the crucial component of making sure that your building is safe and secure.

An integrated approach

We work closely with your other contractors at every stage of your development to make sure that your project meets the required standards. We look at all aspects of your project, from design to location to purpose to give you a structure that is sound.

Domestic Structural Engineering Services

Site Assessment

Refurbishments & Renovations

Detailed Measurements

Full Survey

Planning Review


Advice And Consultation

New Builds

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